Pepper is an absolute star! I suffer from back and neck pain due to my sedentary profession. That’s how I ended up seeing her for the first time. I couldn’t believe that I instantly felt a relief. Not only she’s extremely experienced, she’s has amazing approach and I totally love my appointments. I now go for maintenance visits each month and I’m planning to start her Pilates classes. A couple of my friends have already seen her too and I honestly cannot recommend her enough. Been to other places from physios to chiropractors, and one thing is certain I’m now only going to Pepper! Thank you for everything:)

Veneta Miteva
(November 2021)

“Following a particularly severe episode of neck and back pain, I was referred by a friend to see Pepper. I had a great osteopathic treatment with her.
She asked detailed questions, listened very carerfully and gave me a better understanding of what was happening and delivered an effective treatment which has taken my pain away! After getting my neck and back mobile and pain free, she encouraged me to practice Reformer Pilates twice a week.

These sessions have really worked for me and it turned out to be thoroughly challenging for my body and enjoyable for my soul.”

Burç Bulut Ozan, CEO Ozstrategic
(December 2020)

“I started attending Pepper’s group pilates classes to help with the rehabilitation of my rotator cuff. I contracted a traction injury from over-stretching during a yoga class which resulted in a winged scapula.

I told Pepper about my injury and she gave me adjustments to exercises where applicable. After attending Pepper’s classes for a few weeks, my rotator cuff movement vastly improved.

I also noticed that my back pain from having a desk job had disappeared.

Pepper continues to check whether I need adjustments and is happy answering my questions at the end of class about home exercises. Her classes are also a lot of fun!”

Pollyanna Savva
(February 2019)

“When I first came to see Pepper my back was in a real state, and I was having huge trouble bending over, especially in the mornings.
I was immediately impressed by how thorough she was, asking me lots of questions about me and my lifestyle.
Over the next few weeks, through a combination of treatments and exercises, she helped me totally turn things around. Not only is my back almost completely pain-free now, but also she introduced me to the world of Pilates which I have started doing on a regular basis! Pepper, thank you once more for all your help and dedication, and let’s keep in touch!”

Andrew Crick, London Financial Analyst
(January 2019)

“My daughter who is living in London spent several weeks with me in Sweden during the summer. She heard me complaining over my painful left hip and could see that I couldn’t walk properly. When I came to London she had booked me an appointment at Pepper.

From the very beginning I was happy to hear how meticulous Pepper asked me about my previous and present health status. She was very eager to try to understand me when I didn’t knew the words in English.

Unfortunately I only had time for one treatment. But this single one made a huge difference. I now can walk without the pain and I can sleep on the side without waking up because of pain.

Moreover I have a feeling of relief in the hip.Pepper didn’t only give me the treatment. She also was eager to find me a therapist in Sweden to continue the treatment!

Pepper is very caring and will keep an eye on that from London!
I will definitely book a treatment at Pepper when I go to London next time.”

Ingrid Lindell
(August 2018)

“Dear Pepper, Just want to say that you have an amazing quality of striking a balance in pushing, motivating and guiding your class.

For me personally, your kind words and correction on how to work out/correct form mean a lot.

It makes me want to push harder and get better!
No words can explain how good it feels to have a trainer/instructor like you so I say THANK YOU wholeheartedly.”

Reena Kotak
(April 2018)

“I have been taking one of Pepper’s classes in my local gym and she is one of the most professional, caring and enthusiastic trainers I have trained with.

She always comes with so much positive energy to class. Her programs are tailored towards long term success with attention to details and technique making sure each and every person in class is working their best.

She always explains and advises on exercises according to your physical ability, finding solutions and alternatives for the ones one can’t do. She will approach you and proactively work on your fitness.”

Maya Barr
(February 2018)

“I recently stumbled on one of London’s notorious uneven sidewalks in a pair of heels. I felt my left foot twinge, but thought nothing of it. Two days later it swelled up and throbbed painfully. I hadn’t broken anything, but just couldn’t get the swelling and pain to go away with no amount of anti-inflammatory pills, painkillers, ice packs or strapping.

I, eventually after two weeks, went to see Pepper who did a 45 minutes treatment on my left ankle, calf and thigh. Within that time the swelling disappeared completely and still hasn’t returned. The pain went over the next two days.

I can’t thank her enough.
She is professional, caring and very knowledgeable on the workings of the body.

I will definitely be going back!”

Marcelle Schulz
(September 2017)

It’s not just a job, she genuinely cares about people.I have had the privilege of working with Pepper for the past two years. The results on my body have been dramatic.I came to Pepper with a shoulder condition and chronic neck/ back pain. It was impossible for me to do the simplest movement. Within the first 6 months, I could see a transformation in my body.

Pepper invests much time gathering information on my condition. In this way she continually develops a program which addresses my specific needs and defines a tempo to make my training most effective. Her expert knowledge about body mechanics and how movement can rehabilitate makes her the perfect teacher. As my training progresses, she challenges my body in order to facilitate the necessary improvements in my condition.

Pepper remains positive and encouraging throughout the entire recovery process, empowering you to overcome setbacks. And always point out achievements (even the smaller ones) which keep you motivated.

Pepper also goes beyond just the training sessions. She coaches you to practice and embrace healthy habits for daily life. To discover, care for and listen to your body.

”The connection with your trainer is key”
Pepper has a warm, approachable and spontaneous personality. She is challenging, creative and fun.
She is a good listener and highly committed to her clients.
Highest recommendation!”

Lynne Catalano, New York Creative Director at Philips
(June 2014)

“A great feelingWhen I first began training with Pepper I was weak after recovering from a serious illness and hunched over from years behind the computer.

After a year of Pilates lessons I am stronger, straighter, and much more flexible. I also feel reenergized – physically and mentally prepared for anything. That’s a great feeling.

I would recommend Pepper to anyone – of any age and fitness level – and I know she tailors her work to the individual client’s needs.
In my case I found the sessions both challenging and fun. Relearning the freedom of movement that children take for granted has been something of a revelation for me. I won’t ever being an Olympic gymnast but I can bend over and put my hands on the ground, I can stand on one leg for as long as I need to, and I can easily throw my own luggage into the overhead lockers. Awesome.

In short, Pepper is a wonderful instructor: patient, knowledgeable and motivational. I highly recommend her work.”

Jackie Hatton
(August 2012)

“Remarkable improvement in my strength and flexibility.I came to Pepper Stewart with a lack of strength, flexibility and back pain.Through Pepper’s help as a personal trainer, I have seen a remarkable improvement in my strength and flexibility, and a combination of her training skill and excellent advice on where to seek some additional assistance has resolved my long-term back problems. I would highly recommend Pepper!”

Julia Szanton
(March 2013)